Find your Danish ancestors

Peter H. Andersen
Genealogist - Photographer - Photohistorian

  • Genealogist with over 30 years of experience.
  • Specialization in Danish Genealogy Research.
  • Photo Restoration and Genealogy Photography Pro


  • Ancestral research and documentation
  • Search for relatives
  • Ancestral reports and diagrams
  • Decendents reports and diagrams
  • Translation service
  • Restoration and cleanup of vintage photographs

    Reports will, by default, be delivered electronically as a PDF file.
    Other formats on demand, gedcom, html, etc.


  • Initial contact and estimates are free
  • No charches other than agreed upon beforehand
  • Reasonable fees and secure payment using PayPal

    Peter H. Andersen
    Sundvej 71
    DK-8832 Skals

    +45 86696057
    +45 28599518

    *Getting Started* (pdf)

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