Research - Fees - Payment

Getting started ...
First provide as much specific information and details as you possibly can find, using the checklist.
The more info the better, for efficiency in the research, saving my time and your money.
If you can fill all the blanks, well then you really donít need my assistance .
Anyway, send the information by email
Now I shall look into the matter, and make an estimate of results to be expected.
Within a couple of weeks I will contact you, and present the estimate.

Up till now all is for free...
If you agree to my response, initial payment, minimum 5 hours, must be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.
Now the research starts, and usually within one to two months, you will receive your ancestor-report by email (pdf).
From here you may decide whether you want me to make further research for ancestors, details or relatives in Denmark.
You will never be charged for research or expenses not agreed to beforehand.
So no unpleasant surprises in this respect.

The fee for complete genealogical research, record searching, and consultation is $35.00 (U.S.) per hour, plus expenses**, due in advance via PayPal.
Five hours is normally considered a minimum for new projects.

Secure payment using...
Peter Haagen - PayPal-ID:

... or request info for direct bank-transfer.

**Expenses include costs of copies of records, certificates, and other documents; fees paid to agents to search records not available locally; field travel (auto, lodging), fees paid to courthouses, repositories, and other record facilities; administrative costs for items such as postage and supplies, prints, cdrom, flash-memory etc.